A room in Wageningen

If you are looking for a room in Wageningen, it is recommended to apply for one. Due to the rising number of students in Wageningen it can be hard to find a room, so don’t wait too long. There are multiple options to find a room:

Idealis owns a lot of housing units in both Wageningen and Ede. Most students live in accommodations where they have a private bedroom but share several facilities (like kitchens and bathrooms) with other people from their corridor. It is also possible to rent a fully private room. For more information see www.idealis.nl.

DUWO is a student housing corporation in many cities of the Netherlands. They offer rooms in four ways: non-self-contained rooms with a vote-in via Upcoming vote-ins; non-self-contained rooms without a vote-in via Offers DUWO; self-contained rooms via Offers DUWO; guaranteed rooms for (usually) foreign students via Accommodate. For more information see www.duwo.nl.

Another possibility is to look for a room on Kamernet. Most of these rooms are in the centre of Wageningen and have private owners. If you apply for one of these rooms, they will probably ask you to come to their house to meet each other and chat. They will do this with multiple people. Afterwards the house chooses the person with they would like to live. In this way you will know your future roommates before you live there and can be assured that you will have a great time with people you like. Their website: kamernet.nl. Please note that you have to pay for responding on rooms on Kamernet.

It is also possible to look for rooms on www.HousingAnywhere.com

Last but not least, Facebook is a good option when looking for a room. Try ‘Wageningen Student Plaza’ for both long- and short term stays. Or Wageningen Room Sublets for short term (until 6 months) rent.

For other short term accomodations you can visit www.shortstaywageningen.nl/ or shortstayhousingwageningen.com

Facts about housing in Wageningen:

  • Haarweg is the biggest student housing complex, with 1040 rooms.
  • Asserpark is the oldest starflat, build in 1969.
  • Asserpark is also the cheapest Idealis housing, the lowest rent is about 230 euros per month.
  • Droevendaal used to be thé place for hippies. The park still has an alternative style to it.
  • Droevendaal has its own mayor, who keeps in touch with Idealis.
  • Most of the student houses in the city centre are privately owned.