Winter AID 2020

114days untill Winter AID 2020

Volunteers; CREW

There would be no AID without our CREW. Last year we had around 180 enthusiastic CREW members. The CREW builds up and breaks down the whole festival area, but also the other activities around Wageningen. They are also present during all the activities, making sure everything runs smoothly. As CREW member you get the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the AID, and you will help to make the AID the greatest party week of the year. 

When you are a CREW member, you receive consumption coins, food, a wristband and CREW shirts. 
As a CREWer you have to be available during at least 5 dayparts in de AID. 
You can help us before, during and after the AID. 
Before: 9 - 15 August
AID 2019: 16 - 21 August 
After: 22 - 23 August 

Any questions? Please contact us!