What is the AID?

AID 2018: ALL-IN! 17 till 22 August. A great start to your time in Wageningen!

Are you going to study in Wageningen? The AID is a great start to your time here. The AID takes place from 17 till 22 August 2018. During the AID, you will get to know the University, your fellow students, the city and all that Wageningen has to offer. Go ALL IN, and get to know your future life in Wageningen! During the AID there are many activities for you to quickly feel at home in Wageningen. Go ALL-IN with us and participate in the AID!


Every year, around 95% of all new students participate in the AID. In the AID you will be placed in a group of 10 students and you will be guided by two mentors (your AID 'mom and dad'). They will take you all around Wageningen. Lots of groups stay in contact after the AID! 

Are you going to participate in the Msc-Light Program? Then you will not be guided by mentors, but you can ask all your questions during the different program parts.

Get inspired by the aftermovie of the AID 2017 below.