Programma Winter AID

Op deze pagina vind je het programma van de Winter AID 2019 (onder voorbehoud!). 

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Monday 11 February

Bike sale

When you are in the Netherlands, a bike is one of the essentials to have! With the start of the WinterAID, an opportunity is provided to buy a second hand bike. You can also rent bikes from IxESN Wageningen.

Meet your buddy family

During this week you are assigned to a group including 2 mentors in which you participate in most activities. Now it is time to meet your group!


MSc afternoon (for all MSc students)

Get to know more about your study programme, the program team (incl. the study advisor), the study association and Wageningen education in general.

Introduction to Wageningen Exchange & Off the Road Campus Tour (for all exchange students)

Team Exchange will welcome you and explain everything you need to know. Start discovering the beautiful surroundings of Wageningen and some of the WUR facilities.

Welcome to Wageningen dinner

On the campus a dinner is organised to welcome you in Wageningen.

Pub Quiz

IxESN will organise a pub quiz for you! Test your knowledge in the different question rounds, become the smartest group of the WinterAID and win a price!

After drink
Not ready yet for your bed after the pub quiz? Continue your first evening with a drink in the city centre! It is a nice opportunity to get to know your buddy family.

Tuesday 12 February  


Crazy 66

Explore the campus of WUR with fun assignments. Complete as many assign­ments as possible while competing with other buddy groups.

Interactive Workshop Studium Generale
Studium Generale (SG) invites you to Impulse for a brief, interactive workshop in a playful setting. You will get to know how the extracurricular education offered by SG can enrich you during your stay in Wageningen.


Workshops ISOW

ISOW organises a variety of courses and activities. From language courses such as Dutch and Spanish to dance classes such as Salsa and Jazz Funk/Hip Hop.

Wednesday 13 February  

City tour

Get to know the city of Wageningen during a lovely walk around town! It will show you important spots of Wageningen and Dutch culture and also gives you the chance to try some typical Dutch foods.

Wageningen Classroom

You will get introduced to the Wageningen Classroom and experience what makes it special. Get informed about how you can benefit most from sharing a big part of your life in this ‘diverse’ university.


Connecting cultures  

During the cultural evening organised by ISOW, you will have the opportunity to meet current university students and staff from different countries, taste food from all over the world, see amazing   performances and experience a rich variety of different cultures.

Thursday 14 February  

Sports brunch

This morning you will start with a sports brunch with nice healthy food! To get energised for the Thymos sports afternoon..

Sports afternoon

This afternoon you will have the opportunity to find out all about the wide variety of sports in Wageningen.

Menu of choice

Have a free dinner with your group at one of the restaurants in Wageningen.


Join IxESN and Ceres International to discover and enjoy some of the pubs that Wageningen has to offer

Friday 15 February  

Lazy Winter Lounge

This afternoon there will be a winter information market. Get to know all kinds of organisations present in Wageningen in a nice and warm lounge atmosphere with live music, comedy and winter snacks.

Dutch Kitchen

Come to one of the famous kitchens of IxESN! A nice three-course dinner will be prepared for you, so you can try some delicious traditional Dutch food and complete your introduction to the Netherlands!

Saturday 16 February  

Afternoon Movie 

After a busy week, have a relaxed afternoon by watching a movie in a cosy atmosphere at ISOW.

AID Closing Party

To have the best ending to an amazing week ISOW and IxESN organise a big party! Come with your buddy group and enjoy the night!