AID for MSc and Exchange students

The AID are the Annual Introduction Days of Wageningen. It is an introduction week for all new students of Wageningen University and Aeres University of Applied Sciences. MSc and Exchange students can choose between the MSc Regular or MSc Light program. Do you want to participate but you don't know which program suits you best? Check it out!

The AID lasts 6 days and you will enjoy these in a group guided by two senior students. Together with about 10 other MSc students you will get to know the city of Wageningen, your study and new school or university, student life in Wageningen, a lot of student organisations and you will make lots of new friends within no time! Check out the aftermovie of the AID 2016 below!




You pay €75,- to participate in the MSc Regular program. What do you get in return:

  • A full dinner and lunch for five days during the AID
  • Full access to all program parts of the AID including two parties, a street theatre, an open air movie, a sports day and many more!
  • Full access to the night program of student associations

Participants of the MSc Light program pay €50,00 because the MSc Light program contains less program parts and is more focused on the informative part of the AID.

Do you want a buddy during the whole first semester?

There is also the possibility to enrol in the buddy program of IxESN. This means you will be guided through the first semester with a buddy family with other students and two or three buddies (older-year students) Together with your family, you do all sorts of activities to get to know each other and Wageningen even better. Questions about the buddy program? Send an e-mail to