AID board 2017

THe AID board of 2017: 

Amy Kerssens 

Position:               President

Study:                   BSc Management and Consumer Studies

Age:                      21

AID-experience:    AID-participant (2013), mentor (2015), crew (2016)


Hi Guys! My name is Amy and this year I am in the AID board, fulfilling the role of president. For me, the best part of being in the AID board is the versatility of it, being responsible for different program parts and committees within the board. There is never a dull moment! Meanwhile, I am also working on finishing my bachelor thesis, so that I will have my bachelor Business- and Consumer studies at the end of this year.


But luckily there is still time for relaxation in between! I like spending my time with my yearclub, friends and roommates and you can regularly spot me at the bar at student association Ceres or dancing at a party. Nevertheless, I also enjoy the chill evenings I spend with my roommates and with the time I have left I try to visit the gym once in a while.

This year is already a success for me, and the best is yet to come! 


Sanne Knoppers 

Position:               Secretary & Crew

Study:                   MSc Plant Sciences

Age:                      23

AID-experience:    AID-participant (2012), crew (2016)


 Hello!! My name is Sanne Knoppers and I am studying Plant Sciences at the Wageningen UR. In 2012 I moved to Wageningen and began my study with the AID. I really enjoyed the AID and since 2012 I have been part of the AID in different ways. I have organised the AID on behalf of the Christian Associations, but I also have been part of the CREW. And now it is my turn to organize the AID 2017 together with the rest of the board, I am looking forward to it!

Besides my study I am part of the christian student association VGSW, where I have been part of many committees, next to enjoying time with my year club. I live in a nice house with three other girls, where we spend a lot of time on the couch with tea and chocolate.

I am the secretary of the board, this means that I am responsible for all the external communication, I also make the minutes of our meetings. Next to my task as secretary, I am also responsible for the Crew (our volunteers during the AID). It is my task to recruit enough crew and that they know what to do and where to go, to make your AID unforgettable. 


Marte Colijn 

Position:               Treasurer

Studie:                  MSc Food Technology

Age:                      22

AID-experience:    AID-participant (2013), mentor (2014), crew (2016)


My name is Marte and I am the treasurer this year! Last summer I got my Bachelor degree in Food Technology, so I thought it would be a great time to take a year off! In my free time I like to swim and relax with my roommates, yearclub or study friends. Being this boards treasurer is not my only job during the AID, I will also be responsible for the street theatre together with Sanne. We went to a lot of theatre festivals to select the best acts for you to see on Saturday the 19th of august! Next to the street theatre the music festival on the last day is one of my favourite program parts. On the last they you can see that the AID participants found their place in Wageningen. 



Nadine de Jong 

Position:               Logistic manager

Study:                   BSc Food Technology

Age:                      22

AID-experience:    AID-participant (2013), crew (2016)


Hii, I am Nadine and I will be the logistic manager of the AID this year. This means that I am responsible for all the materials and transports during the AID. I will also be responsible for some of my favourite activities: the sports day and the cantus:)

Together with the rest of the AID-board I am very excited to make an unforgettable AID! 


I study Food Technology and I hope to finish my bachelor this year. In my free time I like to cook, binge-watch series and go to costume party’s . In Wageningen I am active at student association KSV Franciscus and in Gouda (where my parents live ) I am a scouts leader, which I both like very much. 


Sophie Visser 

Position:              PR & mentors

Study:                  MSc Nutrition and health 

Age:                     22

AID-experience:    AID-participant (2013), mentor (2015), crew (2016)


My position in the AID board is PR and Mentors. I make sure every AID group has fantastic mentors and I arrange the mentor trainings for them. PR is a very creative position. I like that one day I am designing a poster while the next day I am thinking about facebook posts, or meeting with suppliers about gadgets and clothing.

The two program parts I am most excited about to organise are the sports day and the beer cantus.
I just finished my bachelor Nutrition and Health, after this board year I will start with the master, specialising in Public Health Nutrition. I consider this board year as an exciting and useful gap-year in between my studies.
In my free-time I like to do sports, I am a fanatic “knotsbal” player and you can also spot me in the gym or swimming pool, working out together with my fellow board members.